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Old announcements

06 January 2013

  • A survey about Linterna Mágica is being conducted until 15th of February 2013. If the survey code did not render automatically, you can still be part of the survey. To participate, or view the results, please visit the Linterna Magica survey page at
  • New stable release 0.0.13 is available for download.

22 December 2012

  • New bug-fix 0.0.12-6 release that fixes YouTube.

09 December 2012

  • Since the beginning of December the website is running the free software JavaScript tracker for web analytics from the Piwik project. There is an option at the bottom right corner of the page to disable tracking. From my understanding and interpretation of Piwik's documentation it is partially disabled - no personalization cookie.
  • New bug-fix 0.0.12-5 release that fixes YouTube's new interface released.

07 December 2012

  • YouTube changed their interface. Linterna Mágica (trunk) is not loading. By examining the debug messages I can conclude that the links are being extracted, but the object height & width are not. This causes the replacement object to not be created. Bug-fix release to be available soon.

11 November 2012

  • Bug-fix release 0.0.12-4 is now available.

06 October 2012

  • Bug-fix release 0.0.12-3 is now available.

19 September 2012

  • Bug-fix release 0.0.12-2 is now available.

04 August 2012

  • Bug-fix release 0.0.12-1 is now available.

18 July 2012

  • There is a ThinkPenguin web button in the footer area as a gratitude for their donation.

10 June 2012

  • Stable version 0.0.12 released.

12 April 2012

  • Bug-fix version 0.0.11-2 released.

6 March 2012

  • Bug-fix version 0.0.11-1 released.

6 February 2012

  • On the 18th of January the project page was going to be part of the blackout against SOPA, but we failed. When the page design was ready, Savannah servers were already in blackout and the automatic update of project pages did not occur. The following links are the announcements at and an image of the page design : link 1, link 2 and link 3.

5 February 2012

  • New stable release 0.0.11 is now available.
  • Thanks to the migration to Texinfo, the manual of the latest stable release will be available in various formats in the documentation section.
  • Documentation in HTML format is now available on separate web page.

26 November 2011

  • New bug-fix release 0.0.10-2 is now available.

07 September 2011

  • Linterna Mágica 0.0.10-1 was released. Release info available in the "Downloads" section.

07 August 2011

  • Linterna Mágica 0.0.10 was released. Release info available in the "Downloads" section.
  • If you used the "Linterna Mágica user config" script with version from Git master or daily Git build, you will have to download it's new version or update it manually. The file got minor changes to support all configuration options in version 0.0.10. This is its first official stable release. I do not intend to update it in the future. Read the documentation about this feature.
  • The 0.0.9 version is now deprecated. No more bug-fix releases will be available. The new stable version is 0.0.10.

15 June 2011

  • Linterna Mágica 0.0.9-7 is out. Release info available in the "Downloads" section.
  • Linterna Magica has finally switched entirely to Savannah. The website is transferred there. A work-around for download statistics for JavaScript files (userscripts) had been found, so the switch is possible.
  • Savannah mirror servers update the files from the "Downloads" section on 24 hours. If you have problems downloading the files, please use the "Direct link" button.

09 June 2011

  • There are few bugs in version 0.0.9-6 already. If you have found more bugs and report them, they will be fixed for version 0.0.9-7.
  • Bug-fix versions are released Tuesdays (timezone EET/EEST).

24 May 2011

  • Linterna Mágica 0.0.9-6 is out. Release info available in the "Downloads" section.

10 May 2011

  • Linterna Mágica 0.0.9-5 is out. Fixed HD links in Dailymotion. Fixed overlapped web controls in YouTube. Fullscreen playback with Totem and MPEG4 clips.
  • New download options were added a week ago. You can download automatically build versions from svn. Check the "Downloads" section.

26 April 2011

  • Linterna Mágica 0.0.9-4 is out. Fixed web buttons in GNU IceCat 4 and other versions of Firefox.

26 March 2011

  • Linterna Mágica 0.0.9-3 bug-fix release is out.

15 March 2011

  • The project is now hosted at Savannah. Check our project page at Savannah. We have users mailing list, bug tracker and svn repository there. The web page is still not moved there and it is not clear is it going to be.
  • Linterna Mágica 0.0.9-2 bug-fix release is out.

04 March 2011

  • YouTube changed something just after version 0.0.9 was released. New YouTube bug-fix release 0.0.9-1 available.

01 March 2011

  • After nearly a month of development and fixes, Linterna Mágica version 0.0.9 is out. Lots of new goodies. Enjoy!

13 February 2011

  • New version coming soon.

18 December 2010

  • Linterna Mágica version 0.0.8-2 is out. Youtube is working again.
  • There is a new configuration option. Read the documentation.

10 December 2010

  • Linterna Mágica does not work in Youtube anymore. Bug-fix release coming soon.
  • We have a group on

24 September 2010